Thursday, January 24, 2013

Michelle Malkin: No One Is Mad Enough About Benghazi Except Michelle Malkin

Tiny rage-fueled harridan Michelle Malkin is VERY MAD you guys! EXTREMELY MAD. Yr Wonkette is aware that this is typically no news whatsoever, but today she is mad at the GOP for being “sychophantic” to…wait for it…Hillary Clinton.
Did Michelle Malkin see the same hearings we saw yesterday? The one where Rand Paul said he would have “relieved her from her post” in the imaginary land where Rand Paul is president? The one where John McCain blather-berated her endlessly, while silently seething, STILL, that he is not president? Michelle Malkin did not see these things! Instead, she saw a land where the GOP was just TOO DARN DEFERENT.

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