Thursday, January 24, 2013

Idiot Senator Complains About Lack Of Benghazi Briefings He Skipped, Just Like The Other Idiots

Come on. What difference does it make that Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, last seen getting clowned by Hillary Clinton, wasn’t at the intelligence briefing on Benghazi?
At John Kerry’s somnolent confirmation hearing for Secretary of State on Thursday, Kerry showed up Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Galt’s Gulch), on the latter’s very serious public crusade to get to the bottom of the killing of the American Ambassador in Benghazi — revealing that Johnson himself didn’t attend the intelligence briefing. (Perhaps he was busy at the press conference where Walnuts, Graham, and whatsername, WHERE’STHEGIRL, were complaining that they weren’t getting intelligence briefings, while the intelligence briefing was going on.) READ MORE »

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