Friday, December 28, 2012

Father jailed for beating 3 kids after they wouldn't say who farted in his car

A man viciously beat his own children for passing gas in his car causing the car to smell bad. The children are six, nine and twelve-years old.
Austin Davis, 32, became angry and beat his three children with a belt after none of them would own up to who had passed gas in the car.
Police were called to a home near DeLand, Florida. A woman at the home told police that one of the children told her they were beaten, because they would not tell Davis who passed gas in the car.
The pictures showed a 6-year-old, with several bruises on the buttocks, legs and thighs, and the 12-years-old, had bruises on the legs and thighs, while the 9-year-old refused to have pictures taken of the injuries for fear of retaliations if Davis found out that they reported the incident, according to reports. ..... MORE

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