Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bradlee Dean Tries New Career As Newtown-Obama-U.N. Conspiracy Theory Aggregator

You may, in spite of your best efforts, remember that Bradlee Dean guy. You know, the one who sued Rachel Maddow for defaming him by playing clips of things he actually said on his own radio show, and lost, big-time? Well, a man has to find a way to pay attorney fees for his gross lesbian nemesis somehow, so Rev. Bradlee “Crazier than Jimmy but less caloric than Paula” Dean is now writin’ him some columns for the WorldNut Daily. In his latest effort, he explains how the U.S. government is almost certainly behind the Newtown massacre, because obviously any President who supports “murdering 3,700 of ‘our children’ in the womb per day” would have no qualms about sending a covert agent to shoot twenty first-graders if it might allow him to seize all of America’s guns. READ MORE »

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