Friday, October 19, 2012

Super Cool Construction Worker From Scott Brown Ad Has Awesome Thoughts On ‘Faggots’ And Jews

So yesterday Scott Brown was all “I shit on those people supporting Elizabeth Warren, who’d lost loved ones to mesothelioma, who are totally paid actors, fuck them” and “in my ads we have real actual Scott Brown supporters or something, we don’t know we don’t want to have to look up the original story but it definitely was something like that”? WELL. A little peeksy at one such real-live Scott Brown supporter shows him calling the president a “faggot” and yammering on about Jews. Real people, so messy! First it’s his own high-up campaign staff doing tomahawk chops and sexy Injun war whoops, and now it is this racist cretin, whom he’s proudly featured as a Real Man for Brown! Has Scott Brown considered just using mannequins? Or maybe some cute little ducks? READ MORE »

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