Sunday, October 28, 2012

Did Mitt Say He’d Shut Down FEMA


Back when he was severely conservative during the GOP primaries, did Mitt Romney say he’d shut down FEMA and have the states take responsibility for disaster relief? Not quite in one declarative statement. But he certainly seemed to say that disaster preparedness and relief should be taken from the federal government and turned over to the states.
Ryan Grim over at Huffpo just wrote up a passage from a June GOP primary debate in which Romney seems pretty clearly to say we should shut FEMA down and send disaster relief as a responsibility back to the states.
(Less dramatically, though perhaps just as important, this MoJo piece from August notes that the Ryan budget, which Romney has embraced, almost certainly requires big cuts in various disaster preparedness and relief programs.)
He links a video which was uploaded back on September 21st of last year but seems to have been viewed by virtually no one until tonight.

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