Friday, September 14, 2012

Stupidest Man On The Internet Thinks Obama Thanked Libyan President For Killing Our Diplomats

Jim Hoft, officially the stupidest man on the Internet, possesses analytical powers beyond the ken of the ordinary human. For instance, he is able to cut right through the liberal media’s silly distinctions between “Libyan mobs who killed Americans” and “The Libyan Government that America supports” to get to the simple truth: All Ayrabs BAD cauz America-killers. Take, for instance, his subtle explication of the situation in Libya. Where a lefty publication like the Washington Times might describe President Obama contacting Libya’s President Mohammed Magarief to “thank him for the cooperation the U.S. has received from the Libyan government in responding to the attacks on the U.S. Embassy” (OK, it was a consulate, but this is the Moonie Times, after all), Hoft cuts through the bullshit, ignores the trivial fact that the Libyan president has apologized for the attack, and gets right to the truthiness:
Fairly Unbalanced
See? Why even mention what kind of “support” the two presidents discussed, when you can simplify like that? Strunk and White would be proud of that headline’s economy and straightforwardness. (Even so, FoxNation somehow managed to out-idiot Jim Hoft: Their headline for a link to Hoft’s blog was “Obama Calls Libyan President to Thank Him After US Ambassador Murdered.”)
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