Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mitt Romney: Mein Kampf ‘Not Elegantly Stated,’ But Sound Policy


In the latest gaffe from the gaffe-happy campaign of Republican Mitt Romney, the presidential hopeful was secretly taped in a meeting of a bunch of white guys in brown shirts. Romney was speaking to the choir and his remarks indicated he was right at home and not afraid to say what was on his mind.
After the video was released Romney said he thought some of his remarks were “not elegantly stated,” but reflected sound policy. To others, what he said was offensive.
“Sure, Mein Kampf is looked upon like a bad book by some,” Romney said. “What is wrong with the book is really just the translation. In its original German the work is a thing of beauty that is as elegant as Shakespeare, and as informative as Ayn Rand.”
The video showed Romney calmly laying out his case to the group after a taped performance of Wagner concluded. “Mittens” has been tagged as being short on policy details, but that wasn’t the case when he was in front of friends and colleagues.
“The 47 percent of Americans who support Barack Obama are an inferior group, not able to tend for themselves. If Obama wins another term, they will even be asking for toilet assistance,” Romney quipped, to loud guffaws and a couple of loud “heil” retorts. “Mein Kampf explains another great leader’s struggle to get his people to understand what he was hoping to achieve. Sure, he went a bit overboard, but that was a different time. Now we know we can meet our goals for a fascist state that benefits us and only us through the ballot box.”

Romney then talked about the relationship between business and labor. “We don’t need actual slavery, just wage slaves – on the balance sheet, we make more money that way. Make the people work for as little as possible for as long as possible and don’t give ‘em a damn thing except some mindless entertainment news and religious dogma to keep them happy and quiet. When they think they are working for God and country instead of our bottom line, we’ve got them. We just need to keep convincing more voters that we are on their side,” Romney winked to the crowd after that remark.
“Encouraging them to hate and fear what is different from them means they won’t be looking at us,” he continued.

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