Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Media Matters Daily Summary 06-12-12

Conservative Media Dismiss Government Worker Layoffs To Argue Public Sector Is Fine
Conservative media are downplaying the severity of public sector job cuts by trumpeting data showing that the unemployment rate among government workers in May was 4.2 percent. But that statistic doesn't change the fact that public sector job cuts in this recovery have been more severe compared with previous recoveries and experts contend these cuts not only threaten the recovering economy but also impact private sector job growth. Read More

Undocumented Students To Pay 150 Percent Of In-State Tuition In CO; Fox Decries It As Unfair Advantage
The Metropolitan State College of Denver recently decided to offer a special rate to undocumented students effective this fall -- a rate that is 150 percent of the resident in-state tuition -- provided students meet a series of conditions, including attending for at least three years, and graduating from, a Colorado high school. But Fox's Neil Cavuto, who repeatedly slurred these students as "illegals," and the Daily Caller's Michelle Fields argued that they are being treated better than American students. Read More

Right-Wing Media Hypes Fall In Net Worth, Ignores Burst Of Housing Bubble
Right-wing media are attacking President Obama over a recent Federal Reserve report that found that the median net worth of American families contracted between 2007 and 2010. However, right-wing media are ignoring the effects of the burst of the housing bubble and its central role in causing the decrease in the median wealth of families. Read More

Surprise! Fox Hosts Blame Obama For Americans' Declining Net Worth
The Federal Reserve released a study this week showing that Americans' net worth fell dramatically between 2007-10. However, while reporting on the study, Fox News hosts falsely claimed the decline occurred during the "last three years," even though it's clear the decline began two years before President Obama took office. Read More

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