Monday, June 04, 2012

GOP Lawmaker Wants To Raise Taxes Now For Some Reason (Hint: War)

Add another tally to the “Yes” column on the “Is 2012 the year of the Apocalypse?” score sheet: a Republican in Congress has discovered the virtues of “revenue increases,” the polite society term for the more vulgar swear “tax hikes.” Who is the lucky apostate? Why, it’s the Senate’s favorite old Southern belle Miss Lindsey Graham, who is wilting like a sun-starved flower over the impending $600 billion in automatic budget cuts that the Pentagon will face starting next year if Congress does not act to reverse the sequestration agreement from last fall’s Budget Control Act (which also cuts an equal amount from domestic programs, as a punishment to the country for electing intransigent nuts to Congress). So, will Congress act? Will they get together and agree on places where budget cuts can be made to avoid sequestration without increasing the deficit? Lindsey Graham has your answer to these questions: NO. NOW RAISE TAXES. READ MORE »

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