Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Media Matters Daily Summary 06-06-12

NRA Partners With Conspiracy-Minded Gun Activists At Chicago CPAC
This week, National Rifle Association president David Keene will moderate a "conservative conversation" at the Chicago Conservative Political Action Conference with NRA board member Maria Heil, Illinois State Rifle Association executive director Richard Pearson, and Wisconsin Tea Party figure Kimberly Jo Simac. Keene and the panelists all have a history of extreme and conspiratorial rhetoric. Read More

Fox Touts Walker Win As Validation Of Harmful Austerity Policies
Economists agree that austerity measures in a weak economy lead to less growth and fewer jobs, and the condition of Wisconsin's jobs market, which is lagging much of the rest of the country, is consistent with that fact. Nevertheless, Fox News figures are spinning Gov. Scott Walker's recall win as proof that budget cuts "will help our nation as a whole with the economic woes that we face." Read More

Right-Wing Media Disappear Fact That Conservative Money Swamped Union Message In Wisconsin
Right-wing media are arguing that Wisconsin governor Scott Walker's victory in the Wisconsin recall election was a victory for the grassroots over unions and progressives. But, due to Citizens United and a loophole in Wisconsin campaign finance laws, the progressive message was swamped by conservative special interest money. Read More

Sorry, Fox: Recall Election Does Not Diminish Obama's Chances In November
Fox News figures have attempted to spin the results of Wisconsin's recall election to claim Gov. Walker's victory is a referendum on President Obama. In fact, polling shows Obama holding a significant lead over Romney in Wisconsin, and even conservatives admit the election is a poor predictor of Obama's re-election bid. Read More

CBO Report Shows Stable Budget Is Possible, But Media Hype "Grim" Scenario
CBO Presents "Two Scenarios That Embody Different Assumptions About Future Policies Governing Federal Revenues And Spending." From the Congressional Budget Office's "2012 Long-Term Budget Outlook": Read More

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