Saturday, August 07, 2010

White supremacist school board candidate: ‘Jew media’ attacking me


Editor's note: This story contains links to a neo-Nazi blog that some readers may find offensive

Neo-Nazis have a history of pulling their kids from public schools, out of a desire to indoctrinate their children into their own world view. But one white supremacist in California's Inland Empire may be mulling the opposite strategy: Getting the school system to conform to his own views.

Dan Schruender, a former president of the Aryan Nations' California chapter, says that, if elected, he won't let his political views affect his job as school district trustee. But Schruender's blog entries suggest otherwise.

"We must set realistic goals and go for them," Schruender wrote on his blog Tuesday, in announcing his candidacy. "[T]hen we, and our respective organisations can start to work our way up to the higher levels. Success comes one step at a time."

Since Schruender made his announcement, he has been the subject of intense media coverage in southern California, most of it -- not surprisingly -- unfavorable....................................

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