Monday, August 23, 2010

Media Matters Daily Summary 08-23-10

Religious freedom? Right-wing's anti-Muslim assault echoed in nationwide mosque protests
Despite the right-wing media's claim that their opposition to Park51 -- the planned Islamic community center in Lower Manhattan -- is not about restricting religious freedom, protests have sprung up nationwide in opposition to local mosques and Islamic community centers in the wake of the manufactured controversy. These protests follow the right-wing's relentless assault on not just Park51, but Islam in general.
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What Fox has wrought: Anti-Park51 protests full of right-wing hate
Fox and the right-wing media have led the opposition to Park51, often using inflammatory, anti-Muslim rhetoric, and comparing Muslims to Nazis, among other things. Recent anti-Park51 protestors have echoed the right-wing media's rhetoric and imagery, invoking Nazis and anti-Muslim smears.
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Ingraham's backtrack on Park51 is based on falsehoods and smears
On her radio show, Laura Ingraham attempted to explain her evolving position on Park51, the Islamic cultural center proposed near Ground Zero, saying that while she previously told one of the co-founders she "like[ed] what you're trying to do," "legitimate questions" have since arisen about the project. However, Ingraham's "legitimate questions" are nothing but the same smears and falsehoods that conservative pundits have been pushing for weeks. Read More

Geller distorts Rauf lecture to falsely paint him as a terrorist sympathizer
Right-wing blogger Pamela Geller grossly distorted portions of a 2005 lecture by Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf to falsely suggest Rauf is an "extremis[t]" who "supports homicide bombers" and supports the "elimination of Israel." The Drudge Report and Rush Limbaugh have subsequently trumpeted Geller's report. Read More

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