Wednesday, August 11, 2010

From the Impossibly Sordid Mind of Dan Quayle’s Son Ben, Republican Candidate for Congress


One of the purveyors of (né, a Web site that aggregates pictures of attractive women and invites viewers to nitpick their appearance, revealed the identity of one of the message board’s most prolix patrons. The Dirty founder Scott Karamian claimed in a blog post yesterday that the pseudonym Brock Landers belonged to one Ben Quayle, son of former vice president Dan Quayle, and current Republican Congressional candidate from Arizona. The Washington Post reports: “Quayle had a featured section on the site, Karamian said, called ‘Brock’s Chick,’ in which he sought to ‘find the hottest chick in Scottsdale.’ He added that ‘Without Ben, there would be no’”

At first, Quayle denied his connection to The Dirty and the filthy things therein, but Karamian responded to Quayle’s dismissal of the charges with a message to the candidate: “I am not attacking you, I am just being honest. Stop listening to your bull sh*t advisors because they are making you look stupid. If you don’t remember me or Brock Landers that is cool. I guess I don’t remember the time you banged [redacted] (a chick) in my spare bedroom. I just let randoms spend the night and have sex with strangers… should I continue?” he asked, we believe rhetorically. Finally, Quayle admitted that he “just posted comments to try to drive some traffic” but insisted he was not Brock Landers. We covered our keyboard in Saran-wrap and Purell and made our way through the archives of the site, picking out postings from “Brock Landers.” Our five favorites (favorites?) after the jump..........................

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