Monday, October 19, 2009

Want your wife to be submissive? ‘There’s a Rep. for that’


"If you want to heckle the president during his address to the nation, there's a Rep. for that."

That's the opening of a new ad created by a blogger attacking House Republicans using the language and style of Apple Computer's iPhone ads. Detailing outlandish statements made by Republicans in Congress, the announcer -- whose tone and intonation closely mirrors that of the iPhone pitchman -- substitutes the word "Rep." (for representative) instead of "app."

"If you want to suggest that smacking around your wife doesn't truly count as assault, and neither does killing homosexuals, there's a Rep. for that," he remarks.

"Whether you want to refute scientific research by quoting biblical prophecy," he continues, "declare that wifes should be submissive to their husbands or pass laws to establish the bible as the word of God for all Americans, we've got the Reps. you need."

An app is an application on the iPhone that lets the user perform a particular function, like playing a game or finding a restaurant....................................

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