Monday, October 19, 2009

Intern Spy Hunt Delayed

Josh Marshall - TPM

It is our somber duty to inform you that four Republican members of Congress appear not have the courage of their own shameless convictions. You'll remember, last week four GOP members of the House -- Reps. Broun, Shadegg, Myrick and Franks -- came forward to announce a conspiracy to infiltrate secret Muslim intern spies on to key committees on Capitol Hill. The four said that in addition to alerting the Justice Department and the IRS they were asking the House Sergeant at Arms to investigate the threat.

We have, of course, been closely monitoring the story. But as of today, none of the four have actually brought the matter to the Sergeant at Arms. The office of Sue Myrick, the apparent leader of the group, told us that she plans to bring the matter to the Sergeant at Arms in the next few days but did not explain the delay.

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