Tuesday, October 14, 2008

VIDEO: McCain to ACORN - You are 'what makes America Special' 2006


Oh McCain, again you slip in the ever muddying waters of your own past. Not only are you attempting to smear Obama with voter registration fraud with regards to ACORN, but now, you are just making it even more visible that you sir, are the biggest fraud ever. If ACORN was so horrible, than what in the world possessed you to attend this event and speak so highly of their efforts.
Video Proof McCain was for ACORN before he was against them

What makes America special, is what's in this room tonight.

Now even the likes of Michelle Malkin is frothing with anger. McCain, hasn't anybody ever taught you how to look within thyself before you look with a jaundiced eye at others.

Michelle Malkin frothing
If you want to know why see-sawing John McCain has had to be goaded, prodded, begged, and dragged into spotlighting Barack Obama's radical ACORN roots, here's your answer:

Turns out John McCain had no problem calling ACORN members his friends during his ill-fated illegal alien shamnesty crusade.


pro-shamnesty rally organized by a coalition led by ACORN. As the release notes, he made a second appearance for the group in NYC. Read it and gag:
ACORN is now gleefully reminding McCain of his common cause with the group to paint itself as bipartisan -- while at the same time issuing the usual strident, anti-conservative statements that ought to be immediate grounds for revoking its non-profit tax status.

"I'll rely on people to judge me by the company that I keep," McCain said in February.

That's not working out so well now, is it?

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