Saturday, October 11, 2008

Media Matters Daily Summary 10-11-08

Jansing, Halperin uncritically report Palin's false charge that Obama's "punished with a baby" comment was about abortion
On MSNBC Live, Chris Jansing uncritically aired Gov. Sarah Palin's false claim that Sen. Barack Obama was talking about abortion when he said of his two daughters: "I don't want them punished with a baby." However, Jansing did not note that Obama was discussing sex education, not abortion, when he made his comment. Time's Mark Halperin also uncritically reported Palin's attack without pointing out it was false. Read More

McClatchy's Thomma misrepresented Obama's tax plan
On MSNBC Live, McClatchy's Steven Thomma asserted that Sen. John McCain will likely attack Sen. Barack Obama "as a tax-raiser, someone who'll take money out of your pocket at the very moment you don't want it to happen." Neither Thomma nor Politico's David Mark, who agreed with Thomma's assessment, noted that claims that Obama will raise taxes and "take money out of your pocket" misrepresent Obama's tax plan. Read More

O'Reilly called Media Matters' Brock a "liar," but the falsehood was O'Reilly's
Fox News' Bill O'Reilly purported to defend his previous false assertion that Sen. Barack Obama did not cast a vote on a Senate amendment denouncing both a ad that targeted Gen. David Petraeus and "Swift Boat" attacks on Sen. John Kerry by claiming he was referring to an amendment "sponsored by John Cornyn that also condemned MoveOn," which Obama did not vote on. But O'Reilly explicitly said in his previous remarks that the amendment Obama did not vote on was one that condemned both the MoveOn Petraeus ad and "the Swift Boating of Kerry." The Cornyn amendment did not condemn the Swift Boat attacks; an amendment by Sen. Barbara Boxer, which Obama voted for, did. Read More

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