Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Lowest Common Denominator: Racist Displays Again Openly Displayed at Palin Rally


Many Americans have been taken aback by the racist and hatred seen at recent McCain/Palin rallies from calls to “kill him” to openly racist displays. This guy attended a rally in Johnstown, Pennsylvania with a stuffed monkey with a Barack Obama bumper sticker on its forehead. As shown in this video, he seems to see the video camera and quickly removed the sticker and gives it to a child. The family said that they did not know the man.

The hate and race filled displays have been increasing with attack ads from McCain and Palin. The decision to “go negative,” however, appears to be turning off Americans and McCain recently sought to tone down a support who said Obama is “an Arab.”

Palin, however, continues to attack Obama on associating with “terrorists.”

For the video, click here.

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