Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Media Matters Daily Summary 02 - 26 - 08

Wash. Times headline asserted "Military fears 'unknown quantity' " of Obama, but quote came from "scare[d]" defense "industry executive"
A February 26 article in The Washington Times was headlined "Military fears 'unknown quantity' " and contained criticism of Sen. Barack Obama's "commander-in-chief qualifications," but did not quote a single military official asserting that Obama is an "unknown quantity." Rather, the article quoted a defense "industry executive" who asserted of other industry executives' feelings on Obama: "We've got some trepidation. There is no track record." The industry executive added, "He's an unknown quantity and that scares us a little bit." Read More

Buchanan: Clinton's raised voice is one "every husband in America ... has heard at one time or another"
On Morning Joe, Pat Buchanan said that when Sen. Hillary Clinton "raises her voice, and when a lot of women do ... it reaches a point ... where every husband in America ... has heard at one time or another." He later stated, "I know that's a sexist comment." Commentator Mike Barnicle previously compared Clinton to "everyone's first wife standing outside a probate court." Read More

Rosen "Worst Person" "runner-up" for Mao comment
During the February 25 edition of MSNBC's Countdown, host Keith Olbermann named Fox News Washington correspondent James Rosen the "runner-up" in his nightly "Worst Person in the World" segment for asserting that the response Sen. Barack Obama received from the crowd at a campaign event was "[t]hat kind of spontaneous affection Chairman Mao only dreamed of." Olbermann stated: "The runner-up: James Rosen, who plays a reporter on Fixed News, ran a clip of Senator Obama interrupting himself to say, 'I'm going to blow my nose here for a second,' followed by crowds cheering. Rosen then said, quote, 'That kind of spontaneous affection Chairman Mao only dreamed of.' And that kind of spontaneous hack journalism Karl Rove only dreamed of." Read More

Cunningham smeared Obama, used his middle name during appearance at McCain rally
The MSNBC.com blog First Read reported that conservative radio host Bill Cunningham "repeatedly referred to [Sen. Barack] Obama as Barack Hussein Obama -- at least three times." Cunningham has a history of smearing Obama and referring to him as "Barack Hussein Obama," doing so on Hannity's America and his own nationally syndicated show. Read More

GOP strategist on Hannity & Colmes: "[S]omeone is going to have to go out there and take [Clinton] behind the barn"
Discussing the state of the Democratic primary race and whether "somebody's going to have to go to Hillary Clinton and say, 'Get out of this thing,' " Republican strategist Pete Snyder said on Fox News' Hannity & Colmes, "[S]omeone is going to have to go out there and take her behind the barn." Read More

Pot, kettle: Matthews criticizes Jon Stewart for doing what he did first and continues doing
On Hardball, Chris Matthews noted that comedian Jon Stewart "talk[ed] about [Sen.] Barack Obama's middle name being Hussein and his last name rhyming with Osama" during the Academy Awards, and asserted of Stewart's remarks, "I mean, even that little seemingly neutral information gets into some older people's heads, and they go, 'We got a problem here.' " But, while Matthews has on several occasions criticized others for referencing Obama's middle name, Matthews himself has also used it in a political context several times. Read More

Hannity again linked Obama to Farrakhan without noting Obama's denunciation of Farrakhan
On Hannity & Colmes, Sean Hannity declared that Louis Farrakhan "had nice things to say" about Sen. Barack Obama, but did not mention that Obama responded to Farrakhan's remarks with a statement noting that "I have been ... a consistent denunciator of Louis Farrakhan." Read More

Media advance myth of McCain as lobbyist foe
Various media figures and reports have helped perpetuate the myth of Sen. John McCain as a straight-talking maverick who is feared by lobbyists and representatives of special interests. But McCain's campaign reportedly has more current and former lobbyists on staff or as advisers and more current and former lobbyist fundraising bundlers than any other candidate. Read More

In report on McCain's attempt to opt out of the public financing system, Blitzer did not note loan agreement that might force him to remain in
On The Situation Room, Wolf Blitzer noted that "Howard Dean today formally asked the Federal Election Commission to investigate John McCain." Blitzer added, "Dean accusing McCain of trying to skirt campaign finance laws by opting out of the public financing system for his primary campaign," but did not explain why McCain's ability to opt out is even an issue: namely, that he obtained a loan for his campaign in November 2007, agreeing under certain circumstances to remain in the race, regardless of the viability of his campaign, in order to apply for matching funds to pay back the loan. Read More

Even after McCain retracts Iraq war statement, Blitzer calls it "straight talk"
On CNN's The Situation Room, host Wolf Blitzer and correspondent Dana Bash both characterized as "straight talk" Sen. John McCain's assertion that he will "lose" the presidential election if, as Bash reported, "he doesn't convince voters that the U.S. policy in Iraq is succeeding" -- even though they acknowledged McCain immediately retracted the statement. Read More

Matthews' statement to LA Times regarding Clinton comments at odds with his apology on Hardball
The Los Angeles Times quoted Chris Matthews saying the following, in reference to his assertion in January attributing Sen. Hillary Clinton's political success to her husband's having "messed around": "I think any observant person would say what I said was true. It might have been said better, more felicitously." This contrasts with a statement he made on Hardball addressing the controversy over the "messed around" remarks. Then, he said it was not "fair" of him "to imply that Hillary's whole career depended on being a victim of an unfaithful husband." Read More

In LA Times column, Jonah Goldberg falsely asserted Obama's "campaign headquarters in Houston had a Che Guevara-emblazoned Cuban flag hanging on the wall"
Jonah Goldberg falsely asserted that Sen. Barack Obama's "campaign headquarters in Houston had a Che Guevara-emblazoned Cuban flag hanging on the wall." In fact, the office in question is not "Obama's campaign headquarters in Houston," nor is it an official campaign office controlled by the Obama campaign. Read More

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