Friday, February 16, 2007

Murtha Plan to end "Stop Loss", Require more rest before redeployment

Washington -- One of the most powerful congressional critics of the Iraq war spelled out in detail how House Democrats plan to force President Bush to reduce the U.S. military commitment in Iraq in the months ahead after today's vote opposing Bush's plan to send more combat troops into the war.

Murtha, D-Pa., the chairman of the House panel that oversees the military's spending, also said he plans legislation that would force the president to seek the authorization of Congress before widening the war to Iran. Murtha said he also would put conditions on the president's request for $100 billion more to pay for the war this year that would require more time between deployments for military units, more equipment and better training.

Murtha said that in mid-March he plans to push legislation through his committee that would make it harder for the Bush administration to send military units back to Iraq by requiring more rest between deployments and certifying that they meet training and equipment standards. He also wants to end "stop loss'' orders, the practice of keeping soldiers on active duty past their enlistment commitments.

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