Saturday, February 17, 2007

MAUREEN DOWD : A Giant Doom Magnet

So I was sitting around watching “Oprah” yesterday afternoon when I realized how I could stop W. and Crazy Dick from blowing up any more stuff.

All I needed to do was Unleash my Unfathomable Magnetic Power into the Universe!

Energy flows where intention goes. Or maybe it’s the other way around.

Anyhow, Oprah taught me how to stop abusing myself and learn The Secret. I finally get it: because the Law of Attraction dictates that like attracts like, my negativity toward the president and vice president is attracting their negativity and multiplying the negative vibrations in the cosmos, creating some sort of giant doom magnet.

I need to examine my unforgiving stance toward them and use my power of visualization to let them know that in my consciousness and awareness, they cannot determine my destiny. I am severing those emotional and vibratory tonalities that keep me tied to their toxic energy, causing me to repeat the same old pattern of bemoaning in the newspaper their same old pattern of blundering in the Middle East.

Oprah did her second show in eight days on “The Secret,” the self-help book (and DVD) by Rhonda Byrne, an Australian reality-TV producer. The book hit No. 1 on the USA Today best-seller list this week.

At first glance, “The Secret” might seem like inane piffle, a psychobabble cross between Dr. Phil and “The Da Vinci Code,” a new-age spin on Norman Vincent Peale’s 1952 classic, “The Power of Positive Thinking” and the Beach Boys’ “Good Vibrations.” But that’s a negative way of thinking.

James Arthur Ray, a teacher of The Secret method, who talked to Oprah, says it’s “very, very scientific.”

“If you think you’re this meat suit running around, you know, you have to think again,” he said. “You’re a field of energy in a larger field of energy.”

Oprah enthused that The Secret “really is touching a nerve around the world” because “so many people are hungry for guidance and meaning.” Ms. Byrne claims it improved her eyesight; others say it works on everything from weight loss to panic attacks to getting rich to snagging the mate of your dreams or a good parking space.

“We create our own circumstances by the choices that we make, and the choices that we make are fueled by our thoughts,” Oprah explained in her first show. “So our thoughts are the most powerful thing that we have here on earth. And based upon what we think — and [what] we think determines who we are — we attract who we are into our lives.”

Or as the book so eloquently puts it, “You must feel good about You.”

If it works on eyesight, can’t it work on foresight? Can’t we use The Secret on the secretive Bush White House to prevent a calamity in Iran?

According to the Sacred Principles set out by the Law of Attraction Specialists, the universe responds to your thoughts. So if I want certified chuckleheads to stop mucking up American foreign policy, all I have to do is let the universe know. I forgive the president for being a goose and the vice president for being a snake, and I start thinking about the sort of amazing, or even mildly competent, leaders I deserve to have in my life.

Maybe W. should read the book. He likes things biblical, and “The Secret” says it takes its Creative Process from the New Testament.

He would learn, as Mr. Ray said, that “trying is failing with honor,” adding: “Take the word ‘try’ out of your vocabulary. You either do it or you don’t.”

W. could have applied that to Iraq, where he has always done only enough to fail, including with the Surge.

A main tenet of The Secret is learning to avoid the chain reaction of churlishness, which begins with a single thought: “The one bad thought attracted more bad thoughts, the frequency locked in, and eventually something went wrong. Then as you reacted to that one thing going wrong, you attracted more things going wrong.”

It’s an apt description of Iraq policy. A bad thought that led to more bad thoughts, and the negative frequency is now locked in on Iran, which is responding with its own negative frequency.

With The Secret, W. will realize that all he needs to do to change his current reality is admit that it’s fake. (Similar to the wisdom of Dorothy clicking her shoes three times.)

Once he stops his chain reaction of negative thought, I can stop my chain reaction of negative thought. And then there will be peace on earth and parking spaces for everyone.


Anonymous said...

Ms. Dowd's skepticism can be forgiven, for we all see how increedibly well hating the president has worked. Why, we now have 66% of the people hating him and as you can see that hatred has stopped him dead in his tracks, ended the wars, and made Dick Cheney go out and plant flowers wearing tie dyes and sandals. Yes, MS. Dowd, you just keep filling the universe with as much negative energy as you can, because it is building a world of which we can ALL be proud/

Anonymous said...

You are right to think about W. and his doom machine. though W. and his crew are but a few. There are many multiples more of us love and light type of people than there are of them. W. magnet is not the only magnet around. If we would concentrate on the energy of love and lighton a regular basis, say three times per day, our magnet would be much greater than their's. We are not talking about money we are talking about the energy of love and light which is free to everyone.Get it!!! It is easy. Just unplug your TV and radio from the preprogamming and programming that is constant when you are plugged in. Unplugg yourself and see who youare and what you see without it!!! Just do it.

One with Feather

Anonymous said...

Wow! You're a pretty angry person!

Anonymous said...

ah, were we all only able to type for a living...forming complete sentances is easier than complete ideas let alone understanding ideals. bush is a non-magical realist in an ugly world. mo will have her wish when the opposite-poled magnetic klinton2 convinces us the post-republican world can all all bright and shiney. sweet illusions.

Anonymous said...

There is some misunderstanding here. The Law of Attraction only attracts - it does not block. And it does not imply a one-to-one correspondence between your thoughts and all your experiences, therefore thinking only positive thoughts does not guarantee you will be free of negative experiences. That said, it can still be used to manifest desired goals in synchronous ways. So although you cannot use it to directly block Bush & Co, you can for instance manifest a successful anti-war rally.

Anonymous said...

Oprah has been co-opted like so many others now coveted by the beast's minions. (love of money/love of self and lust for power have at play here?) These evil bastards would love nothing more than for all of you to wish them 'nothing but love' and stay the hell out of their way while they ruin the earth. I say, pray to the Father that He soon deliver to them what they've got coming and be glad that He hates them with a perfect hatred. But hate is so primitive, I can hear some say. I say...What's wrong with wishing that the devil and his ever growing hoarde of adopted cowardlings receive all the plagues of Revelation that are promised them....many already coming into sharp focus to those with eyes to see and ears to hear?

Yahweh bless all who read these words, in Yahshua!

Anonymous said...

Its so funny to read the nerve she hits with this piece. look at the comments just rush forth setting into defence or pointing out someone must be angry! hilarious. What she is tryin to point out if you calm down a sec and catch your breath, is that the LOA theory (and it is a theory like most things we dont quite understand) isnt quite usefull at a stage when everything seems to be going towards a serious police state with no rights (habious corpus) and no economy and some serious posions from possible nukes being used. My own opinion on LOA doesnt mean much at this point. We need SERIOUS action to prevent this from going down. LOA is something to work on when your not in a serious situation we got going in the world. Im not fear mongering either, thats the last thing we need. But we have to understand the situation as it is and stop babying ppl with spiritual apathy and guidance from "stars" (celebrities). ALWAYS think positive and have hope. Just DONT sit there thinking and not acting..even if that act is just being kind and loving. my 2cents

Anonymous said...

Telling someone to 'do' something while they're falling free-fall to the surface of the earth is all good, but flapping their arms (trying to fly) around in order to 'do' something won't save them. Once the boulder starts rolling down the hill natural laws take precedence. What is going on in the administration and in the world will come to a climax - it must. All things that go up, must come down.

Love is a country that we're priviledged to visit. Not a condition or state. Its not something that we can simply manifest at will. It simply happens. Peace is the same way.

Anonymous said...

wow, this is a boring post, but I guess that is my fault, I have to expect that when I click on a link from Jeff Rense site, amazing how all you fans of his post your little trash, but ignore his close friendship with a convicted pedophile. One has to wonder why Jeff Rense associates with a known pedophile

As for The Secret. Well, I guess you have to experince the power of the mind to understand it, instead of the power of brainwashing church and ignorance

Now I think since this blog has made me tired from how boring it is, I will go to bed.

While the rest of you visit other boring sites from Jeff Rense, friend of the pedophiles, friend of the government. I'm sure some of you have followed the yellow brick road of where he gets some money from. Best way I am sure you know, pretend he is anti bush, anti government, friend of abductees while supporting people who have been proven to of frauded their experinces, supports convicted pedophiles.

Sham on you people

ken said...

THE SECRET is not a secret , they are just saying what has been said forever.They are saying the same old things better than has been said in the past.They do a good job of explaining some LAWS of the universe.The one LAW that all the teachers leave out or bearly touch on is "THE LAW OF KARMA".Everyone can receive some good by applying THE SECRET to their lives.People with a lot a bad Karma to work out of their lives will not get as good a results as people with a lot of good Karma.And the laws of Karma applies to people ,compaines , nations, and everything else. So, when one studies " THE SECRET " they should study "THE LAW OK KARMA" I am delnorte33 and i am a bad speller

ericswan said...

Hmmm. deleting comments are we?

Anonymous said...

Remeber the "Two Minute Hate"?
We should all establish "The Two Minute Hate" as was depicted in the book 1984 by George Orwell and direct it at Oprah.

Anonymous said...

The Secret is crap. You walk around in a haze believing happy thoughts and that happy thoughts will save you and create a happy reality and you get hit by the bus because you're not seeing the world's positive AND negative. George W. Bush is a TRAITOR whose administration engineered 911. Don't love him or hate him. Remove the turd from power by any means available, legally if possible, and take back the wealth he's stolen.

Anonymous said...

As usual, irony is lost on most people. The meaning of this text is to satirise the idea that all we need concern ourselves with is personal self-transformation.

Unfortunately, the obsession with personal makeovers overlooks the fact that most of the really important things in the world require collective action to fix.

Giordan Smith

Anonymous said...

In our modern times, a lot of esoteric information that has for millenniums been kept "ear to mouth and close to the heart" has been hurled into the public minds through books and other media.
There is a reason that this info used to be kept secret. The VAST majority of all people are simply too immature to use it for anything other that massaging their own fears or trying to fulfill petty ego desires. At worst, an infantile application of "The Secret" will result in psychosis after a period of time.
The information contained in "The Secret" is particularly dangerous because it pulls tidbits of truth from age old philosophies and religions and mystical sources and then rams it through a marketing machine to make profitable product. Its kinda like giving a cigarette lighter to a 4 year old.
To the "Love and Light" crowd. Come On! Really! The longer you suppress your shadow, the worse the breakdown is going to be. Just because you feel that something is "bad" doesnt make it so. Often times it is the things that we have a mental aversion to that provide us the keys to mental salvation.

Anonymous said...

I agree. I wrote something similar.

Not exactly the same, but you get the gist.

r_i_d said...

oh! leave poor W. and his gang of war profiteers alone. It's not their fault. A long time ago, it was discovered that the best way to diminish the strength of rising empires was equivalent to blood letting. Let the blood flows!

how millions blood cells (people) killed in the last century? For what reasons? Few people can remember.

Fools sent to war. By the thousands.

Isn't it a world war anyway? THE WHOLE WORLD against a few "insurgents" in Iraq. The whole world, I mean: CHINA, JAPAN, GERMANY, THE UK, and others, all burning their money overthere in Iraq, along with the rest. It's a great way to keep the masses working.

Oh! Great Magnet! Stay away!

Anonymous said...

No amount of Love and Positive Thinking can put new oil reserves back into the ground.

Nor can the US Military put that oil back into the ground.

Spirituality is not about denial. It is about humble submission to reality and one's mortality.

Why do I get the feeling that many of the New Age Gurus are using the world's very real problems to generate a profit making hysteria of denial in which they and their followers wrap themselves up into a kind of induced collective psychosis that will only doom them in their blindness- they will prove to be unable to respond effectively when the real crises hit. Kevin Puppos, Toledo, Ohio

Anonymous said...

Oh Mo, you are so clever and funny. You are not appreciated in this world. Sure, you make lots of money, but how many Latte's and bagels can you consume at one time to warm your soul? Your day in the incandescent sun will come when you are chosen to hide in the Dr. Strangelove bunker with the other elitees. You won't have all your comforts that you have now, but there will be a stage for you to entertain the people you make your living from. And really, could you imagine being anywhere else?
Ta Ta.

Anonymous said...

After reading all these comments, it became painfully obvious that we are screwed. The Secret is a watered down version of the truths taught through ancient Mystery Schools, and has been released in modern times before. The sheep that trudge along day in and day out (most of the posters here) will sneer at it and continue on with their hollow and pointless lives... buying stock, paying their taxes and bitching about politicians. That leaves room for the goats among us (a few of the posters here) to continue living our full and amazing lives, learning the secrets of the ancients and steering every aspect of our day with joy.

Unfortunately, at the end of the day we are still screwed because everyone will get caught up in the sheep's rush to slaughter. You people. You make me laugh. Oh, wait... pray to your God! Yeah, that's it! BWAHAHahahaha!

By choice, because of you fearful nazi's, I will remain Anonymous so you don't kill my children to cleanse me of my sins.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing new in "The Secret." The present form began in the mid-19th to early 20th century as "The New Thought Movement." I suggest you read the works of Dr. Joseph Murphy, Ernest Holmes, and "The Quimby Manuscripts." About every 20 years a book like "The Secret" comes around and people are amazed. I don't know why. It's the same thing stated in a little different manner.

Anonymous said...


An abundance of words have been spilled across this page...To those that cannot identify the truth aspects of constructed sentences and scholarly paragraph,then it may be to late...
The original author of this piece of "non-magnetic" material introduces a naivity that at least one of "you commentors" should have observed...

LIKE POLES REPEL...unless you are a dowdy American it appears.
Go here for a refresher and tell the teacher I sent you

Dr.Funkenberry said...

A simple kind of life. That seems to be the rule of force in the secret. Cause and effect at the quantam level rippling thru atomic structure to wrest change all thru the infinite levels of the universe. Crap! Go sit under a boulder and think happy thoughts at the rocks and see if they won't crush you anyhow. Either rocks have a stronger vibe than people or, gasp, the whole things a sham to separate people from their money.

If wishing could make it so, we'd all be rich and live forever. The problem is not too little wishing, it is I fear too much wishing and too little doing.

Television is the wishbox. Waiting inside our homes to bang the drum of want, to awaken the pangs of desire for that which is waiting to be sold. The T.V. waits like the true servant of commerce, wanting only to arouse us from our slumbers to awaken to the dreamworld of tommmorrow where new & better (insert here - appliances,cars,beer,stocks,computers or your choice of commodities or services) will help us to find peace within our souls and eternal happiness and maybe get laid to boot if the commercials are to be believed.

So basically the dream of the 'wish world' does exist if you have your own TV show and products to sell, you just 'wish' people would buy them and then put them onto satan's dream box and some fools will buy a zillion of them.

I wish people weren't so stupid, we'll see how that goes.

Unknown said...

We are supposed to love what God loves and hate what God hates. God hates sin and rebellion. Do you think Jesus just meditated on Love or did he knock over the money changers tables? Read and understand the King James and you wont fall for this Hindu crap.

Anonymous said...

Look at our media here in the west, eg movies from Bladerunner and Alien, to Independence Day and Die Hard, books like 1984, comics/cultural icons like Judge Dredd & 2000AD and you'll see we HAVE in fact been manifesting the police state and "the big bad coming to get us all" for a very long time.

Maybe it's time we woke up to this and manifested a future free of ego-gratifying, "might is right" garbage?

Lipstick Mystic said...

Put out more loving energy, and you'll receive more love back.

Put out money in the forming of tithing to worthy causes and helping others financially, and you'll receive finances back in the form of having all of your needs taken care of (which is sometimes different from getting rich.)

This is what The Secret is really talking about. The veneer of materialism that has been washed over it tends to distill this core set of concepts, but it's there nonetheless.

I write about this at my affirmations blog:


Anonymous said...

SO go to bed and leave us alone you spook. I like rense cause I get info the gov and the press wont give us. Have a good sleep. A long sleep...really long.
What the hell does Rense have to do with this subject anyway?
Gnite, spook.

Anonymous said...

All of us desperately want to put our energy into the positive and I’m sure have all questioned at times what we are doing with are lives participating in the resistance - and have considered walking away and just focusing on the purely constructive.

The problem is that once you’ve come to the point in your life where you had to decide between the blue pill and the red – and if you have chosen the red pill – you can never go back. You realize that the illusion simply has to be shattered before we, as a society and civilization, can move on.

If you’re chosen the blue pill, this comment will seem nonsensical.

Anonymous said...

Taking anyones word on anything without investigating yourself is foolish. The public libraries are filled with books on the subject of quantumn physics and the true nature of cause and effect. Unfortunatly as well the public libraries are full of channelers, psychics and a host of other charlatains clamoring to be the first to translate the findings of this science to support their money making scams. Then of course their are the television talk show hosts clamouring to be the first to exploit the subject on their programs. How many of you who have an opinion on the Secret have actually read anything to do with the science of quantumn physics and the laws of cause and effect(?) without the mystical channelers shoving their interpretations down your throat? Hmmm? I didnt think so? Or how about the New Testament of which it claims its origins? Get a library card. They are free. By educating yourself and not getting your education from "OPRAH", or any one of the independent/government owned news media outlets, one will find themselves freer than they ever imagined. This includes political and financial affairs. If Americans actually read and thought for themselves, the world wouldnt be in the prediciment its in.

I believe this author senses something wrong with the whole "Secret/Oprah" picture and has bravely said so. This is incitment to research and induvidual thought. Obviously the weak minded would feel threatened by the display of independent thought. Dont be afraid. Follow her lead and ask questions and do some research. Dont take anyones word for anything,,,,, except mine.

And as a warning to my gullible American friends, be wary of Australians bearing gifts. Australia is a south pacific neocon incubator of greed and deceit. Greed, deceit and selfishness permeate throughout the culture right to its American hating core. Censorship and thought control have been honed to exquisite perfection in this isolated society. Ethics and morality are the two greatest enemies of their culture and one should always be careful when doing business with them.

Anonymous said...

Some of these comments are inane and so very telling. It's sheeple people, non-thinkers, non critical thinking, absolute denial of any wrongdoing since the beginning of time and total brainwashing that has gotten us into this mess. We learn nothing from the past so we just keep repeating the same dumb stuff over and over. Think about your children people. Wake up and smell the coffee before some unconstitutional law will keep you from drinking it at Starbucks!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Free hydrogen from normal tap water. 65 videos explaining in detail how to make your own. Home brew for power instead of computers. Spread the word. No more oil needed.

Anonymous said...

All the law of attraction really says if you want something you have to make the conscious effort to go get it. Duh ! I guess in this age of couch potatoes people need a book to tell them that.

Anonymous said...

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