Tuesday, February 13, 2007

John Murtha joins chorus of outrage at Howard

THE leading critic of the Iraq war in the US House of Representatives has demanded that John Howard stay out of US domestic politics.

He defended the presidential contender Barack Obama's suggestion that if Mr Howard was keen on the war, he should send more Australian troops to Iraq.

John Murtha, a decorated Marine veteran who is close to military commanders, and who galvanised leading Democrats into demanding a phased withdrawal from Iraq, said he appreciated that Australia had been a good ally, but that it was US soldiers whose lives were being sacrificed in Iraq and US taxpayers who were paying for the war.

"John Howard is trying to interfere in an election and that's uncalled for," he told CNN. "I agree with Barack Obama that if Mr Howard believes it is so vital for coalition forces to stay in Iraq, he should find a way to send more Australian forces."

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