Thursday, February 23, 2006

RNC release omits ALL Republican comments from WSJ Ports article


While Bush says he’ll veto any attempt to block the port deal, congressional critics have threatened to derail one of the president’s nominees. Last month, in an unfortunate bout of timing, the White House nominated David Sanborn, a former Dubai Ports World executive, to head the Transportation Department’s Maritime Administration. Sanborn was the focus of a confirmation hearing earlier this month, but critics, including Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla., have threatened to block the nomination.

In a sign of how stormy the politics is, the Republican National Committee forwarded reporters excerpts of a Wall Street Journal editorial slamming critics of the deal. While the RNC release highlighted portions of the editorial critical of Democrats, it omitted every mention of Republicans—including the editorial’s opening paragraphs which highlighted the opposition of Frist and other GOP critics. “This behavior of Republicans strikes us as peculiar coming from people who claim to support the war on terror,” the WSJ opined, in a sentence not included in the RNC release. President Bush always wanted to make Washington a more bipartisan place. Unintentionally, he seems to have succeeded.

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