Friday, February 24, 2006

????? ..... Greenspan decries partisan politics, calls for 3rd party

Wall Street Journal:

Freed of the constraints of public office, Alan Greenspan has expanded from commenting on the economy to commenting on politics.

Speaking to a Wall Street gathering Wednesday, the former Federal Reserve chairman decried the "polarization" of American politics and said the ground was ripe for a third-party presidential candidate, according to several people who attended the event.
Mr. Greenspan was speaking to clients of ABN Amro, a major Dutch-owned banking and investment company, at New York's St. Regis Hotel.

A member of the audience asked Mr. Greenspan if he would endorse a candidate for president. Mr. Greenspan said he would not, "for now." But he went on to describe the two American parties now as controlled by their extreme wings, even though the voting public is far more centrist, people who were present said.
He described the leadership of the parties as "bimodal", meaning clustered at the extreme ideological ends, whereas the voting public was "monomodal", meaning clustered near the middle.

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