Thursday, February 23, 2006

MPs urge 'terror flights' probe


The UK Government was too slow to start investigating claims that the US has secretly flown terror suspects through the UK, says a powerful group of MPs.
The Commons foreign affairs committee says ministers must tell the US it is "completely unacceptable" to fly suspects abroad to be tortured.

Ministers say they have not been asked by the current US Government to let suspects be flown through UK territory.

The MPs also say Guantanamo Bay is hindering the "war against terrorism".

Prime Minister Tony Blair is likely to be pressed on the findings of the committee's annual report on human rights at his monthly news conference on Thursday.

The MPs say: "We conclude that the government has a duty to enquire into the allegations of extraordinary rendition and black sites under the Convention against Torture, and to make clear to the USA that any extraordinary rendition to states where suspects may be tortured is completely unacceptable."

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