Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sex News 08-15-2013

More sex please, we're British
Britain has become increasingly open-minded about sex in the past generation but less tolerant of infidelity. 

10 Crazy ways to have an orgasm
Some of the more bizarre ways women have claimed to climax include nipplegasms, to yawning  

What men really think about in bed...
18% of married men would like to sleep with a female colleague, and 50% of engaged men would like to have sex with a female friend 

Porn is not meant to be a guidebook
Adult star and sex educator, Nina Hartley, has told how porn should not be viewed as guidebook or a replacement for a comprehensive sexual education.  

Is it shocking not to have a sex life?
Sophie Fontanel's sex life fascinates France. The reason? For 12 years it was non-existent. As her bestselling book is published in Britain she reveals why society finds celibacy so scandalous

The top 8 political sex scandals
When a scandal breaks, several questions invariably arise: Should this scandal matter? Should the media focus on it? Should voters be concerned about it?  

Politician wants to outlaw oral sex
U.S. Republican Ken Cuccinelli seeks to reinstate unconstitutional 'Crimes Against Nature' law, which could makes felons out of even consenting married couples

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