Thursday, August 01, 2013

SEX NEWS 08-01-2013

We need to stop the focus on orgasms
To mark National Orgasm Day, Dr Brooke Magnanti implores people to stop obsessively focusing on orgasms and realise that sex without them is still sex. 

Sex and the City screwed up my sex life
As a teen watching the show, I got the impression that all women magically knew what they wanted in bed  

Partridge Family star reveals threesomes
The Partridge Family mother, Shirley Jones, has revealed tales of threesomes, and aborted foursomes 

Please stop masturbating
Puberty is rough, rougher still when you ignore your mother's warnings to stop wiping jizz on her nice bathroom towels.  

Take your sex toys to work day
Things changed quite dramatically a few weeks back, when an unexpected conversation lead to my sex toys taking an unexpected trip to my workplace

Feminist Porn as a label
When it comes to feminist porn. There's such a diversity of ideas, creative expression, lived experiences and definitions that trying to pin anything down is naturally difficult  

Best Essay: Sex After 50
My story is that, in my late 50s, I started having the best sex of my life!

Porn Sex vs Real Sex: The Differences Explained With Food 

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