Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Republicans Publicly Masturbate to BENGHAZIIIIIIII!!!! On Taxpayers’ Dime All Day

Happy BENGHAZIIII!!!!1! Day, everyone. At long last, it’s here — the day children wait for all year, trying to be good and leaving out cookies before they go to bed in the hopes that Republicans will come in the dead of night to bring them tax cuts and transvaginal ultrasounds and the headbanded head of Hillary Clinton on a stick. Hooray!

And who is playing jolly St. Prick today? Why, it’s Rep. Darrell Issa, boys and girls! The car robber and arsonist who is now serving in Congress because Republicans are tough on crime but only sometimes, like if your crime in being not-white or something? Yes! The very same! The asshole who invented the car alarm, which does not actually prevent anyone from stealing anything but just annoys everyone within a 10-mile radius?

 Yes, that guy! The guy who is chairman of the House Government and Oversight Committee and likes to do investigations to America, but only the ones that “fit the narrative” and/or will “be good theater”? YES, THAT’S THE ASSHOLE WE’RE TALKING ABOUT, HOW MANY DARRELL ISSAS IN CONGRESS COULD THERE BE? READ MORE »

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