Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Harry Reid Tells Canadian Anchor Babby Ted Cruz to STFU, GTFO, DIAF

Canadian anchor babby Ted Cruz has only been in office a short while, but already he has become a great favorite of yr Wonkette. Is this because typing the words “Canadian anchor babby” never fails to make us giggle? Yes, that is one reason. Is it because Ted Cruz always has that smug know-it-all expression on his face that makes us want to stick his head in a clogged toilet and give him multiple swirlies? That too! Is it because even his baby is a jerk? 

 Hell yeah! But mostly we love Ted Cruz because he seems to have such vast reserves of dicktitude. We’re talking Manjoon oil field levels of untapped dicktitude resources, the level of dicktitude that, every time Ted reveals a new layer, makes us smack our foreheads and say “This guy! What’ll he come up with next?”

Apparently Harry Reid is less amused with Ted Cruz being the major landholding for dicktitude in the United States Senate, probably because Reid has to work with the guy. The Majority Leader went after Cruz on the Senate floor, albeit in a more restrained way, because it is the Senate and there are unwritten rules of comity that do not permit one senator to flat-out call another senator a dick: READ MORE »

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