Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Contest! Can You Parse This Ghost Of Breitbart ‘Friends Of Hamas’ Non-Retraction?

We all had a good laugh this morning at pathetic bumbler Ben Shapiro, of Ghost Andrew Breitbart’s Internet Mausoleum, when it was revealed by some foxy Daily News reporter how Shapiro and The Ghost accidentally accused sad clown Chuck Hagel of being BFFs with a terror group that does not exist. And of course it was only a matter of time before Shapiro slunk off with a sad journamalism mea culpa, right? Who among us has not printed absolute balderdash made up by scoundrels? And we correct and move on!
Yeah, no. Below the jump, we will reproduce the entirety ofShapiro’s explanation of why he was TOTALLY RIGHT about this terror group that does not exist, and how foxy NYDN reporter is committing crimes against journamalism. If you can understand what the FUCK he is saying, and are the first person to explain it to our satisfaction, we will give you a prize! READ MORE »

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