Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Third-Party NV-Sen Candidate: I Had To Change My Phone Number After Threats From Angle Supporters


Around the day of the primary election last week in which Sharron Angle won the Republican U.S. Senate nomination in Nevada, Tim Fasano, a third-party Senate candidate with the right-wing Independent American Party, says he began to get phone calls from Angle supporters warning him to get out of the race, or else.

The callers were upset because they believe Fasano is going to "ensure that Harry Reid is going to be elected" by siphoning conservative votes away from Angle, Fasano tells TPM. In the third call he got last week, the person said "watch your back, we know your live, we got your address," Fasano says. That's when he decided, on the advice of police he spoke with about the incidents, to change his phone number.

"It's intimidating," he says. "I'm not scared but I'd rather be prudent."

Anonymous callers are not the only people who want him out of the race, according to Fasano. He says that when he first met Angle, herself a onetime member of the Independent American Party, at a August 2009 tea party event in Sparks, Nevada, she bluntly told him to drop his candidacy.

"It wasn't, 'Hey how you doing, nice to meet you, maybe we could talk.' It was just flat out, 'You need to get out of this race.'"

The Angle campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.............................

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