Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Media Matters Daily Summary 06-22-10

Hannity, Dobbs baselessly claim Obama and Democrats are not "committed to securing our borders"
Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs baselessly claimed that President Obama and Democrats are not "committed to securing our borders." In fact, President Obama has taken measures to increase border security and immigration enforcement, and Democratic proposals for comprehensive immigration reform emphasize border security. Read More

Conservative media defend BP against "shakedowns," "show trials," and environmentalists at least 62 times
Media Matters has identified at least 62 recent instances of media conservatives defending BP, 38 of which occurred on the Fox News Channel, Fox Business, the Fox Nation, or the talk shows of Fox News hosts. There were at least 21 criticisms of BP's escrow account as an Obama "shakedown" or "slush fund," 10 attacks on President Obama for supposedly "demonizing" BP, 15 examples of conservatives deriding investigations of the company, 12 claims that environmental regulations are responsible for the spill, and five absurd conspiracy theories about the spill. Read More

Right-wing media vouch for Kyl's honesty despite his history of false claims
Right-wing media have vouched for Sen. Jon Kyl's (R-AZ) "integrity" in the wake of a video in which Kyl accused President Obama of refusing to "secure the border" in order to force the GOP to support immigration reform, a claim the White House has flatly denied. However, these media have ignored Kyl's history of making false claims. Read More

Right wing discovers long-established Labor Dept. policy on unauthorized workers
Right-wing media have denounced Labor Secretary Hilda Solis' campaign informing vulnerable workers, including the undocumented, about the wage standards to which they are entitled. However, the Labor Department's policy of enforcing labor laws without regard to immigration status long predates the Obama administration; moreover, the enforcement of labor laws is widely seen -- even by those who advocate for greater restrictions on immigration -- as a key to discouraging employers from hiring unauthorized workers. Read More

Ken Blackwell falsely claims Kagan supports human cloning
On BigGovernment.com, Ken Blackwell falsely claimed that Elena Kagan has shown "support for cloning human beings." In fact, Kagan recommended that former President Bill Clinton propose a bill that would ban cloning for the purpose of creating a human baby while still allowing important stem-cell research to continue. Read More

Beck's attack on drilling moratorium rests on falsehood
In stating that the Obama administration had "defied all logic" by setting a six-month moratorium on deepwater oil drilling, Glenn Beck falsely claimed that there had been no "major incidents" in offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico before the Deepwater Horizon oil leak. In fact, there was a massive offshore Gulf oil spill 1979, and there have been many major spills from other oil platforms in the past. Read More

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