Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Media Matters Daily Summary 03-30-10

Boehlert: What if Fox News actually wants mob violence?
Conservative commentators were atwitter last week following news that Ann Coulter's speech at the University of Ottawa was canceled in the face of protests. Of course, Coulter has the right to speak her mind on campuses. But in announcing the cancellation, her conservative Canadian sponsor, pundit Ezra Levant, put the blame on out-of-control liberals who had allegedly made it unsafe for Coulter to speak, breathlessly telling reporters that "the police and the security have advised that it would be physically dangerous for Ann Coulter to proceed with this event and for others to come in" and stressing the presence of an "unruly mob" outside. Read More

Morrissey baselessly suggests new nuclear arms treaty limits U.S. missile defense
Ed Morrissey baselessly suggested that the proposed U.S.-Russian nuclear arms treaty would limit U.S. missile defense, citing a Russian diplomat's statement that Russia might pull out of the treaty if the U.S. increases its missile defense capabilities. But the Obama administration says the treaty does not constrain U.S. missile defense, and treaties -- including a nuclear arms treaty signed by President Bush -- typically allow parties to withdraw.
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Right-wing attacks "despot" Waxman and misleads on prescription costs under health reform
Right-wing media have accused Rep. Henry Waxman and the Obama administration of "tyrannical" actions after Waxman announced a hearing looking into several large corporations' assertions about prescription drug costs related to health care reform. According to Waxman, the companies' claims "appear to conflict with independent analyses." Read More

They Live: Mattera's Obama Zombies reanimates old GOP falsehoods, smears
In his new book Obama Zombies, Jason Mattera uses selective editing to repeat conservative attacks on President Obama, smearing the president by claiming that "he fancies himself the 'apologizer in chief.' " Mattera also falsely claims that "[e]ight days after 9/11, Obama wrote an op-ed ... in which he argued that Americans needed to have compassion for those who had just slaughtered our brethren." Read More

Fox News cuts away from an Obama speech for ... pretty much anything
Fox News continues to put its credibility as a news outlet on the line by repeatedly cutting away from major Obama administration events to provide commentary on those events, cover non-essential news stories, or show its regular programming.
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Kelly now carrying water for GOP with attacks on Obama appointee Becker
Adopting Republican spin as fact, Fox News host Megyn Kelly reported that Craig Becker -- who Obama appointed to the National Labor Relations Board -- thinks that "employers must sit silent" in union elections and may "forc[e] card check on employers." Contrary to Kelly's claims, during a congressional hearing on his nomination, Becker stated that as a board member, he would be bound by law, which includes the "indisputable" right of employers to express views on unionization and the right to petition for a secret-ballot election. Read More

Fox baselessly suggests Muslim scholars are "terrorists"
Fox & Friends baselessly suggested that Muslim scholars Tariq Ramadan and Adam Habib -- who were both denied entry into the United States under the Bush administration but had the ban lifted by the Obama administration -- are "terrorists." However, both have denied engaging in terrorist activity, neither was ever charged with any crime, and media accounts have noted that they "were denied admittance after making statements counter to U.S. foreign policy." Read More

Fox, WorldNetDaily add Berwick to witch hunt of Obama appointees
Adding a new target to the right-wing media's witch hunt of President Obama's appointees, WorldNetDaily and Fox Nation attacked comments about race and life expectancy by Donald Berwick, whom Obama will reportedly nominate to run the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. However, Berwick's comments on race being a factor in a patient's life expectancy are supported by government statistics, and Berwick has received praise from groups such as the AARP and AMA, as well as Republican Sen. Tom Coburn. Read More

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