Thursday, February 05, 2009

Hillsborough GOP Committeewoman Quits Over E-Mail

TAMPA - Hillsborough Republican state committeewoman Carol R. Carter says she is resigning her post amid controversy over a racially tinged e-mail that she sent to eight friends.

"I have tendered my resignation," Carter said this morning, hours after a published report detailed an e-mail sent by Carter Jan. 30.

The e-mail questions how 2 million "blacks" could make it to the inauguration of Barack Obama but 200,000 couldn't make it out of New Orleans before Hurricane Katrina.

Carter said she sent the e-mail to "eight people I thought were my friends," and never intended for it to become public. "It was an Internet joke," Carter said.

Carter said she deserved a reprimand for the e-mail but doesn't think it warranted the angry response it has received from state GOP leaders and others who are responding on blogs.

Carter said the flap follows decades of dedication to the GOP. "I have spent 46 years working for this party," Carter said.

Carter said she had not yet drafted or sent her resignation but will do so after finishing some paperwork for her personal business.

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