Friday, February 06, 2009

Friday's Sex News 02-06-09

Seduction mistakes, and how to fix them

The Seduction Labs highlights five mistakes made by women when trying to seduce men, and how to turn them around

Singer Morrissey poses nude

Apparently the singer has posed nude for artwork that is expected to appear with his next single

Banned sex play returns

Banned in the 1960s for dealing with adolescent sexuality, Spring Awakening has returned to the stage as a musical [UK Website] [US Website]

Sex every day for a year

A couple explained that they decided to have sex every day of the year, in order to improve their flagging sex life

Why a swinger should be President

With tongue firmly in cheek, GentleNibbles offers ten reasons why a swinger would make a good President

Vampires of the Sexual Disaaster Industry

A photo of a topless girl around 3 years old, was removed from a library for fears it might be child pornography. It was replaced a day later. Vampires? Read the source.

Men sex dream, women have nightmares

Women have more nightmares than men, whose dreams are more about sex, than women

Actress enjoys porn

Actress Kate Hudson has admitted to enjoying hardcore pornography, in preference to softcore

My teen son is having sex

Advice is given to a mother whose teenage son is sexually active, btu who she thinks isn't very responible

Russian ice skater flashes breast

Russian ice-skater Ekaterina Rubleva accidentally flashed her boob after a "wardrobe malfunction" on the ice [Video]

Tactile women have more sex

New research on Dutch female university students has found that those with more finger tactile sensitivity, had more sex with partners, but not more masturbation

Brits try swinging

An estimated four million Brits have tried swinging in order to spice up their sex lives

Short erotic story writers say no

Despite being offered anonymity, most writers offered the chance to contribute an erotic short story, declined

Higher STD rates is good news?

Higher rates of sexually transmitted diseases, could be good news, because it could mean that more people are being checked

Porn, the great debate

Porn star Ron Jeremy and Pastor Craig Gross, discuss the pros and cons of pornography, arguing whether it is degrading or not

Erotic Museum seeks sleeping partner

Copenhagen's Museum Erotica, featuring 1,500 artefacts and images of erotica through the age, is facing bankruptcy [Web site]

Comedian claims large testicles

Comic Ricky Gervais claims he has an average sized penis, but rather large testicles

Valentine's sex special features a Valentine Sex Special, with article on tips and tricks in the bedroom, to covering your man in chocolate

More sex when on vacation

Holidaymakers are four times more likely to have sex on holiday, than when at home

Scrotumgate: a hoax

A doctor who published a paper on a condition called "cello scrotum", has admitted it was a hoax, inspired by "guitar nipple" [More]

Why I'm selling my virginity

The student who is auctioning her virginity, and has so far received a bid of $3.8m, explain that it is part of an experiment to show that virginity still has value

A monogamous swingers' party?

Gentle Nibbles explain why they are organising a soft swinging party, where no-one swaps partners

Masturbation cancer link

While youngster who masturbate may be more suspectible to prostate cancer later in life, middle-aged men who masturbate may protect against it

Superbowl interrupted by porn

A cable TV station in Tucson accidentally broadcast about 10 seconds of porn during yesterday's Superbowl final

The naked make-under

British glamour model, Jodie Marsh models naked with a make-under, and explains why she often hides behind a lot of make up [More]

Swiss ban naked ramblers

A region of Switzerland, has passed a law banning naturists walking naked in public, after indignation by locals

Prostate cancer link to sex drive

Researchers from Nottingham University have found that there may be a link between prostate cancer, and the frequency with which young men had sex or masturbated

Sex with a date or prostitute

During these economic times, would it be better to have sex with a date, or with a prostitute, and which is more cost effective?

Odd sex laws in the USA

Kasadie takes a look at some of the strangest sex laws in the USA, including not being allowed to have sex with lights on, in Romboch, Virginia.

Rabbi launches second sex book

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach has a second book on sex and relationships, The Kosher Sutra [More]

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