Tuesday, March 25, 2008

U.S. forces surround Sadr city

Baghdad, March 25, (VOI)- U.S. forces surrounded Sadr city, eastern Baghdad, while the Baghdad Operations Command imposed a curfew on it as of this afternoon until Wednesday morning, the official spokesman for the Baghdad's operations said on Tuesday.

"The curfew on vehicle and pedestrian traffic started at 6 pm on Tuesday until 6 am on Wednesday," Major General Qassem Atta, told Aswat al-Iraq - Voices of Iraq - (VOI).
Atta did not mention any further details.

Eyewitnesses said that U.S. forces surrounded Sadr city on Tuesday's afternoon, closed all city's inlets, and replaced Iraqi forces inside the city.

Eyewitnesses also said that sounds of discontinuous gunfire and explosions are heard at different neighborhoods of the city.

Power went off at some parts of Sadr city, while people there rushed to buy foodstuff preparing for security deterioration.

One of the eyewitnesses told VOI "U.S. forces allowed four firefighting trucks and three ambulances to enter the city."

He added "People are afraid that U.S. forces may conduct wide-scale attacks and raid operations in the city."

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