Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday's Sex News 01-25-08

  • Actress wins nudity case

    Actress Sienna Miller has won a court case concerning nude photos of her that were taken while filming Hippie Hippie Shake

  • Walerian Borowczyk exhibited

    Works of the Polish film directory who died in 2006, go on show. He directed a hardcore version of Emmanuelle 5. [More]

  • France shocked at student prostitutes

    France has discovered a significant number of students are working as prostitutes in order to pay their fees [More]

  • Female arousal is in the mind

    Research has found that women may perceive their level of arousal to erotica different to that actually measured in the their genitals, and this may be related to how well they orgasm from penetrative sex, or orgasm

  • Eroltica on display in Paris

    Over 350 sexually explicit works, including books, engravings, photographs, and film clips, are on display at the National Library in Paris

  • The economics of selling sex

    Research finds that women working as prostitutes typically earn four times what they might outside the business

  • Kids swap nudie photos

    13 and 14 year old kids are swapping nude photos of themselves by mobile phone. The police have been called in. >> A modern version of doctors and nurses?

  • Naked Rambler back in jail

    Released from 20 months in prison last Thursday, Stephen Gough appeared naked and was promptly re-arrested

  • Nude advert not sexy?

    An advert for a full body blow dryer, includes a nude model, but is it sexy?

  • No nudity in Bollywood

    Women actresses in the Indian film industry has said no to male nudity

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