Friday, November 30, 2007

Sorry, Fred - Endorsement withdrawn


It was with great joy when we firmly endorsed former TN Sen. Fred Thompson for the presidency - months before the candidate actually put his hat in the ring, in fact. Today, however, and with great regret, we announce that we are withdrawing this endorsement and in its place, determining that our ultimate endorsement will go to the GOPer that wins the party nomination early next year.

Two central reasons lead us to this decision: First and foremost, Sen. Thompson’s campaign has been less than exciting. In fact, after watching the candidate at several recent events - both in person and on television - one gets the sense that a trip to the dentist would be more exciting for the would-be president.

Secondly, one has to face facts: Thompson is not going to get the nomination. There is no reason for us - as individuals or as a site - to continue to support someone that ultimate will fail in his quest for the White House. On this we agree: the likely GOP nominee will be Guiliani, Romney or Huckabee, and no necessarily in that order. Those three candidates - pick one of the three - should be the ones getting our attention, coverage and the like.

Like we said, sorry, Fred.

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