Friday, November 23, 2007

Friday's Sex News 11-23-07

  • Barbie: the perfect role model?

    Barbie was sexually liberated, doing whatever you told it to do, from necking to lesbianism.

  • The sex show for kids

    The Midwest Teen Sex Show is designed to teach youngsters sex education, but parents may want to check its content first [Website]

  • Actresses practice sex scene

    Selma Blair and Heroes star Stana Katic say that they found a private room and took time to practice a forthcoming kissing scene, confirming they were still both straight See Selma Blair Nude

  • Science series looks at sex

    The Charlie Rose Science Series will be looking closely at sex, such as the differences between men and women, and sex and health [More]

  • Brad and Angelina in sex shop

    Showbiz Spy reports that Hollywood couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were spotted going to the up-market Coco De Mer sex shop in Covent Garden

  • Party plans sex laws relaxation

    The Australian fringe Liberty and Democracy Party, says that if it gets into power, it will scrap laws on pornography and prostitution, saying that government has no business in people's sex lives

  • Internet porn means loveless sex

    New research of Dutch teens has found that those who view Internet porn tend to view sex as a physical function without emotional attachments [More]

  • Woman is 102-year-old pin-up

    Born in 1905, 101-year-old Nora Hardwick has appeared nude as Miss November in the Ancaster Athletic Football Club calendar

  • Nude soap star fired

    Days of Our Lives actor Marcus Patrick has been fired for appearing nude in the September issue of Playgirl

  • Naked Rambler goes psycho?

    Stephen Gough who picked up his 12th conviction for breach of the peace by appearing nude in public, is to be referred to psychiatrists. Previous referrals have revealed 'no concerns of any significance'.

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