Wednesday, September 27, 2006

President Bill Clinton: The Difference Between Us and Them

The stakes have never been higher.

The opportunity has never been greater.

In fewer than 40 days, we have the opportunity to send America in a new direction and elect leaders who will bring the change this nation desperately needs.

The governing philosophy of the Republicans leading America today could be described as divide and conquer. Time after time, when faced with critical opportunities to bring Americans together in common purpose, Republicans in Congress chose instead to exploit wedge issues that divide America, foster fear, and promote insecurity.

We can put an end to this cynical governing philosophy. But doing that requires electing a Democratic Congress and requires supporting the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC). You were an early supporter of the DCCC this cycle and I am grateful for your support. Today, I am asking you to help them once again at this critical crossroads. House Democratic leaders are committed to winning the majority. In fact, dozens of Democratic House members are willing to match any contribution you make by midnight, September 30th, three-to-one.

No single group of people has a monopoly on morality. No one party has the best ideas on how to keep us safe. Yet, a small group of people does have a monopoly on power in our government. And they've used that monopoly to prevent a true debate on how to grow the economy, to clean up and reform the political process and to protect our nation.

Each day brings greater evidence that America is ready for a new day.

Democrats have fresh ideas, progressive solutions, and a new direction for America. Expanding health care, making college education an opportunity for everybody, energy independence, and a raise in the minimum wage - when you hear talk of a "new direction," this is what we're talking about. But none of those things will become reality without a Democratic majority.

I have been campaigning non-stop with Democratic candidates all across America and will continue to do so through Election Day. The new direction we are offering is resonating with the American people. They are tired of hearing leaders sing the praises of an economic recovery that doesn't feel like one. They are tired of a government that gives more to those who already have the most. They are disheartened by leaders who have put personal gain before the public good.

They know that America can be better. And they are looking for Democrats to lead the way.

We have the dynamic candidates. I've met them. We have the ideas. I know them. What we need are the resources to make sure people meet the candidates and hear the ideas.

I was proud to serve as President of the United States. But there is no title I wear more proudly than that of American citizen. And so, as a citizen, I ask you to get involved. I ask you to shake off the feelings of cynicism and disappointment you've felt these past six years and commit to building a new and renewed majority. I ask you to give of yourself - your time, your money, your energy - to make that happen. I ask you again to support the candidates who best express your hopes and dreams. Because if you do those things, I know that come Election Day, we will usher in a better day for this nation.

I know you have supported the DCCC in the past, and I would not be asking again if it were not so important. Every dollar is making the difference. Please consider another gift today.

We can win in November. We must win in November. I'm counting on you.


Bill Clinton

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