Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Capitol Police Visit Santorum's Penn Hills Home

PENN HILLS, Pa. -- On Wednesday, Capitol Police agent dispatched from Washington spent nearly 90 minutes doing a security check on Sen. Rick Santorum's Penn Hill's house.

"Why would he call Capitol Police when we have Penn Hills police right here? If he's a resident of Penn Hills, why didn't he call the Penn Hills police? And for his kids to be in danger? That's a big joke because his kids are never in this house," Santorum critic Erin Vecchio said.

This is the latest twist in Santorum's long-running clash with a local Democratic couple that Santorum accuses of trespassing and peeking into windows in a bid to prove he doesn't really live there.

"The fact is, that we never stepped foot on that property. I put a challenge out to Rick, saying that I would take a lie detector test if he would take a lie detector test if he ever lived in that house," Vecchio said.

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