Tuesday, February 17, 2015

KKK Group Issues 'Call To Arms' Supporting Alabama Chief Justice


"We call upon all Klansman and White Southern Nationalist to help in the massive protest's coming, Not by wearing your colors, but by joining in with the Christian community's protests that are surly coming against tyrannical Federal judges," Waller said.
However, the group realized its support may have made an implication about its relationship with Moore and clarified that he is not a member of the Klu Klux Klan.
"The UDWK has read many posts in the media put out mostly by Homosexual reporters and Atheists that claim Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore is a member of the KKK, and activly sought and gained our support. To answer in short, these are lies and typical of that crowd. We simply agree with anyone, who stands against Tyranny, stands for the word of God, and believes in the American Constitution as it was originally written," Waller wrote on the group's website.
"We regret any problems our post may have caused the Chief Justice or his Family. Roy Moore is not a Klansman, but he is a man, who believes in God," Waller continued. "This Country is sick of the spineless people who put out such lies. We need more Justices who do not see the Constitution as a living breathing document to be shreded (sic) and Amended at will."
According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the United Dixie White Knights is a KKK faction in Mississippi, but the SPLC does not list the group as an active Ku Klux Klan group.

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