Monday, December 06, 2010

Media Matters Daily Summary 12-06-10

Conservatives grasp at straws to condemn DADT report
Since the release of the Pentagon's survey of service members regarding Don't Ask Don't Tell, conservatives have attacked the report as inaccurate, claiming it does not adequately represent veterans, that repeal would require a return to the draft, and that it would censor military chaplains. In fact, veterans are well represented in the survey, most said repeal would not affect their career plans, and existing regulations account for the varying beliefs of military chaplains. Read More

DREAM Act Rhetoric A "Veritable Nightmare": Fox Resorts To Inflammatory Rhetoric To Attack Bill
In recent weeks, Fox hosts and guests have attacked the DREAM Act -- which would provide a path to legal status for certain immigrants who came to the United States as children -- with a barrage of inflammatory rhetoric. Read More

Conservative Media Scream "Reparations" in USDA Discrimination Case
Conservative media have attacked Congress for approving $1.15 billion to settle discrimination claims by African-Americans against the Department of Agriculture (often referred to as Pigford II claims), asserting the settlement is a form of "reparations." In fact, claimants in the case must provide considerable evidence that they were victims of discrimination by the USDA before they receive any money. Read More

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