Thursday, February 11, 2010

Nuclear Power - The Cleanest

Nuclear Power - The Cleanest and Coolest Choice?

Nuclear power plants can provide the electrical energy needed to produce hydrogen and oxygen gases by the simple process of electrolysis. Hydrogen gas is an alternate fuel for cars with internal combustion engines. Hydrogen gas can replace natural gas or can be used to enrich natural gas. The technology and gas distribution system is existing for use in homes, offices, and factories. The oxygen can be used in many chemical and energy processes, including the conversion of cast iron to steel.

Hydrogen propulsion shifts from rockets to racers as BMW sets nine new speed records, marking the start of the hydrogen age for automobiles. The single-seater H2R Record Car uses a 6.0-litre 12-cylinder power unit producing in excess of 210 kW, that races to 100 km/h in just six seconds and has a top speed of 302.4 km/h. The engine is based on the V12 unit powering BMW�s flagship limousine, the BMW 760Li. The hydrogen combustion engine boasts the most advanced technologies, such as BMW's fully variable VALVETRONIC valve train control.

bully 2000 g9ri3 54 Bully 2000   Nuclear Powered Bike

Now how would you like a motorcycle powered by nuclear reactors? Though it sounds a bit shocking and unbelievable at first, the whole world has been talking about electric powered vehicles and how to save energy. The cheapest way of producing electricity is definitely through nuclear energy. However, the usage of nuclear reactors in a motorcycle is a little off the track and could even prove to be dangerous.

Bully 2000 definitely looks good, rather retro and strange, but definitely an interesting design. However, one can’t vouch for the safety of nuclear powered vehicles unless they have the strictest safety guidelines. How safe are these vehicles when it comes to radioactive materials is a question that needs to be answered.

On a lighter note, Ahmedinejad might definitely feel envious that nuclear energy can be used easily by designers in the west, but not by the government of Iran. Talk about hypocrisy, Bully 2000 may give a hint or two about modern day nuclear powered culture of the west. One can safely say, nuclear powered vehicles may indeed be free of emission and certainly green, but the success would depend on the safety of these machines.

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