Saturday, April 26, 2008

Obama on McCain’s Latest Scheme


Barack Obama admitted to voters in Anderson, Indiana, that he won’t be able to bring gas prices down overnight, unlike some politicians who are proposing a federal gas tax holiday. “This is one of John McCain’s latest schemes,” Obama said, saying it would save drivers only $25. “That’s the federal highway fund that we use to build our roads and our bridges, you remember that bridge in Minneapolis? We’re already short on money in terms of investing – and for what – for 25 bucks?”

Gone are the days of $1.50 gas prices, he said, but in order to reduce gas prices, Obama would “go after oil companies for their windfall profits,” investigate price gouging, and increase fuel efficiency standards.

Yesterday the RNC forwarded reporters a statement from Illinois State Senator Matt Murphy, who said that an Illinois state gas tax moratorium “passed in 2000 with Barack Obama’s help.”

Asked yesterday at a press conference in Indianapolis if he’d switched positions, Obama replied, “Well, actually there was a vote in the state senate that I opposed. I voted against a moratorium on the gas tax for the same reason that I don’t think it’s the best approach for us to take right now.”

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