Thursday, May 31, 2007

White House regrets failure to do more blog outreach

Think Progress

White House communications aides are expressing regret for failing to utiltize bloggers as a way to “catapult Bush’s propaganda.” Bulletin News (sub. req.) reports:

“We didn’t use the new tools of communication” like the Internet, blogs and mobile technology, said a former key official. As a result, added another official, the President’s message was filtered through the mainstream press which eventually got bored with the story and stopped reporting the President’s repetitive messages. “You’ve got to use the new tools. They can reach far more people than TV or the papers,” said an administration official. “A video on the Internet or some blogging can reach millions and we should have played with that much more,” said the official. White House insiders, however, dismissed the complaints, mostly from former communications officials, claiming that they have worked with bloggers and non-traditional media but that the tide has turned against them.

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