Friday, April 27, 2007

Bush to receive Iraq bill on ‘Mission Accomplished’ day.

Think Progress

CNN has confirmed that Congress’ Iraq withdrawal legislation will be delivered to President Bush on Tuesday, making it highly likely that Bush will veto the bill on the four year anniversary of his infamous “Mission Accomplished” speech:

DANA BASH: They now plan to send this bill to the White House on Tuesday. Not only that, they are considering, Democrats are considering holding a ceremony to send this bill off. The idea there: shining the spotlight one more time on Democrats before that veto, to make the case, just like they did today, that from Democrats’ perspective, the President is ignoring public opinion against his Iraq strategy.


Lynn Green said...

The Democrats are showing some intelligence here.

I'm asking all the people whose blogs I've enjoyed to post something about the national-wide food drive put on by the National Association of Letter Carriers on May 12th. You can find information about this at:

TOTAL KAOS said...

OK Will Post That.