Monday, March 19, 2007

Angry men rule talk radio, not the world

New Bedford Standard Times

You are an angry white male American, and you once thought you ruled the world; now you rule talk radio. You are unreconciled, and so you rant, and your target shifts day to day.

Some days it's black people. You hate Deval Patrick. Some days it's liberals. You hate Mike Dukakis. Before him, you could drink and drive. Some days, its uppity women. You hate Hillary Clinton. Some days it's gays. You hate Barney Frank. Some days, it's gun control.

You'll start a revolution before you let them take your guns away.

Right now, it's immigrants. All those people rounded up in New Bedford infuriate you. What right did they have to be here in the first place? None at all. And you hate it that taxpayer dollars are now going to support them and their kids. Imagine state employees flying down to Texas to help these people! Who is paying for all that?

Another giant rip-off, you tell all who'll listen, and inside you seethe even more. Imagine picking up the tab for illegals who are here to steal your lunch. How unfair is that!

You pay taxes for one thing — to support the strongest armed force in the history of the world. Period. Everything else goes to bureaucrats out to butt into other people's business.

What you really hate is a rapidly changing world utterly indifferent to your feelings and beliefs, your sense that your once lofty status is shaky and sinking.

That's hard to accept for anyone, but especially hard for you because you know in your bones that a certain sense of privilege always came with being white and male and American. And with good reason. But you are not getting that sense. You are being undercut, losing respect, even with the wife and children. You are a nobody in the pecking order. You can't even tell a joke without the PC police coming after you. And certain words you can't even use in your mind, let alone say out loud.

You know that old status was hard earned. People like you built this nation with blood, sweat and tears. White male Americans carved out the wilderness, wiped out the Indians, built industrial might, fought in the great wars. This is your land, a white, Christian, God-fearing manly nation, and you know it.

It doesn't matter to you that your grandparents or parents were born overseas. They share in the national legacy. A legacy the liberals are now trying to toss away. They have no idea what it's like to be an American. Or what it takes. Their values are screwed up; they are not even Americans themselves. And they are not men, the way they let women run things.

Oh, you know damn well why you are so angry.

You felt it was bad enough with jobs so scarce having to get in line with black people, but now it's brown people and copper-skinned people who got here by breaking the law. They're criminals. Ship them back home and spare the tears.

You hate to remember. The loss is too painful. But you are aware that everything started going downhill with people feeling sorry for the black people, who shined your shoes, washed your car, knew their place.

Now, they are in your face, competing with you, living in your neighborhood and sometimes in neighborhoods you know you can't ever afford.

They never would have gotten there on their own. Never would have challenged you. Not in a million years. It was the liberals and the Jews who got them there and legislating judges rewriting the constitution.

Now the same bleeding-heart creeps who would take away your guns and your SUV and keep your kids out of the good colleges and encourage your wife to rebel and when she does, and divorces you, takes you for every dime you ever salted away, these same creeps are defending these Mexican and Guatemalan illegal aliens. It's too much.

But even as you sputter with impotent rage, you recognize you are not powerless, that you, in fact, are part of a nascent army of like-minded men whose voices you hear every day on the radio, and those voices are clear and coherent and compelling. Oh, we have had hot wars and cold wars and now we will have a cultural war against the feminazis and the gays and the liberals. You know it's a fight for the real America.

And you know George Bush agrees with you, and you know he is the greatest president since Harry Truman, a real stand-up guy who went right down there to Guatemala and told those people to their faces that America is going to enforce the law and do it right, humanely and firmly. He's making no apology for what went down in New Bedford. On the contrary. He defended his people. He's not going to cave in to Kennedy and Barney Frank on immigration, Iraq, taxes or anything else.

He's going to do things his way, no matter what. And when folks get scared enough, they'll come around. They always do.

The angry man, you learned a long time ago, rules the room, just as the angry men now rule the country and you know, in your heart, they aren't going to give away their power any day soon.

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