Sunday, January 21, 2007

HAHAHAHA ...MoonBats on Steroids


It is becoming painfully obvious and disturbing that our government is not functioning as it was intended. It is taking too much of our money and not doing nearly what it should be doing to keep us safe and free. It is time for another revolution to put us back on track – not a conventionally waged revolution – no one should be killed, at least not in a literal sense. Nothing should be destroyed except wrong ideas and wrongful practices. It should be a political revolution – with a new political party and a new kind of candidate.

We could officially declare the establishment of the FREE REPUBLIC Party – the first internet conceived and based political party. We could start at the top , the presidency. Let the two antiquated parties fight over congress – for now. We can have an internet primary and an internet compaign complete with debates, that is what we do after all. Our candidate would become well known when the media figures out the entertainment value in something like this. And, at the least, Jim would be recognized for the valuable contribution he has made to this country by the establishment of Free Republic.

There is much more to this idea but I am not going to get into those details at this time. I want to see what fellow freepers think about this idea. I am writing this on a plane coming back from a tour in a remote area of Afghanistan. I have been somewhat out of touch for several months so I will need more input before more specific details of this idea are offered. And, I might be a little out of the loop until established back in the states. I will be debriefing in the Washington DC area for the first part of the week and then traveling back home to California; but whatever, I hope this idea holds some value to Freepers......


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